In which I answer the age-old question…

No, the age-old question is not, “Do you have a boyfriend?” Mom, if you’re reading this, the answer is still “no.” Rather, the age-old question in this case is: why Manchester?

I touched on this subject briefly when I wrote my first post. The knee-jerk reaction from everyone, much to my amusement, is that by going to school in Manchester, I’m that much closer to Manchester United. It’s a sweet sentiment, and it’s definitely a boon, but I can say that I didn’t choose University of Manchester with the idea of being closer to Old Trafford. At least, not only with that idea!

The graduate school application process was long and arduous, the only upside being the fact that since I was only applying to schools in the UK, I didn’t have to study for, pay for, take, and most likely re-take the GRE. I’m rubbish at standardised tests, so I’m glad to have diverted my funds away from College Board and their endless supply of soul-sucking, esteem-destroying tests. But I still had a lot of work to do by researching graduate school programs at various schools.

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